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The Scrapbook (Prologue)

A/N: This came about while watching the hangover and rushing out of the movie theater of hangover 2.

Title: The Scrapbook
Author: mudatree (My name is SunMi Choi but whatever!)
Paring: ot5, SHINee
Genre: !humor, !crack, but mostly stupidity
Length: Series
Warning: PG-13 for...well you'll see
Disclaimer: Key is watching me while I type so yeah....
Summary: Paris, LA, Hong Kong, or wherever.  You name it.  SHINee has been there eating out the hearts of fans. 
But what really happened to them in each city when the cameras weren't rolling?

Preview for Chapter 1: A Night in Paris
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Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected
Who wrote it: SunMi Choi
Word Count:645
Summary: The title explains all!


    "Expect the unexpected, Kibum!"


You’ve gotta be kidding me…

Accidently bumping in to me down the hallway is one thing, but friggin tackling me down the stairs is another. Maybe Jonghyun is on one of his sugar rushes again, but right now understanding wasn’t part of my vocabulary. 


It wasn’t a bad morning, definitely not that. It was pretty normal, I guess. I commanded Onew to wake everyone up and fussed at Minho that he should make the breakfast since I do it all the time. 

Yeah. It was starting off well I could say. 

Until HE woke up. 

Jonghyun practically inhaled his breakfast, took a shower, and got dressed in record time. No literally, 5 minutes flat….

I would’ve congratulated him if he didn’t disappear in our room so fast. 

Everyone at the table had multiple looks about the situation but hey, I wasn’t complaining! He usually is the one I have to drag out the bed and force him to hurry up. I considered it a pleasant surprise.

“That was interesting,” Minho after a while added his input.

“Don’t you love it, Minho,” Maybe I shouldn’t have said that because Minho gave me one of the most dumbfounded looks he could.

“If any one of us would have did that you would’ve yelled at us for eating so fast, go into a sermon about the importance of using time a little more selfishly (“But doesn’t he tell us to use less time?” added Onew), and then smack the backs of our heads (“Save for Taemin!” the youngest included)!”

True, but being the Almighty I am, will I admit? NO! 

“Put it this way sweetheart. If Jonghyun isn’t making me late, that makes me happy, and if I’m not happy, NO ONE’S IS ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY!”

OK, yeah…..

Maybe I kind of exploded at the last phrase….

But it made him shut up.

I ignored the whispered, “Drama Queen,” I heard from Minho while walking to our room to check on Jonghyun.

No matter how convent it is to me that he is being superfast today, it still kind of made me worry.

I walked in to find….

Whoa. Where did he go? 

The window was open so I went to check. Well we are on the second floor, so I guess it’s somewhat possible.

I sighed and went out of the room. I told the present members at the table that I would be right back when I walked out the front door.

I planned on using the stairs telling myself that it was to become my exercise for today. As soon as I opened the stairwell door, I immediately regretted my decision.

Next thing I knew was that I was half way down the flight of steps with Jonghyun’s face looking at me.

This is when my day turned for the worst and then…..the better.


If I wasn’t in the current situation I was in now, I might’ve laughed.

“What in the world, Jonghyun?! Why did you tackle me down the stairs?” I screamed as I pushed him off me.

“It wasn’t was intentional…” the accused one whispered.

“Then what was it?”

I tried to be nice, but the tone came out as irritated. Wait, I was!

“I meant to hug you, but I tripped and yeah…”

I seriously think Onew is rubbing off on this boy. Wait….why does he want to hug me?

As soon as I could make to this question verbal, I felt arms wrap around my waist.

Is this what he calls a confession?

I expected some weird, sexy proposal with smooth jazz in the background!

I wasn’t complaining, but this is totally not Jonghyun!

“Kibum, I like you!”

Well this was interesting….

 Before I could let this marinate, I felt something warm on my cheek.

OMG! He kissed me!!

“You weren’t expecting that, were you?”

A/N: I've written other fics but this is the first for live journal!



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